The Safer Alternative To Cot Bumpers - BreathEezi Bumper Liners

Breathable Bumper Liners simply and safely keep little arms and legs from getting tangled in the cot.
Unlike padded cot bumpers, BreathEezi Bumper Liners are thin and have no padding to restrict airflow.
We even triple-stitch our ties to ensure no curious little fingers can pull them loose.
This makes our Bumper Liners an excellent, safer alternative to cot bumpers.
Infant limb entrapment in cot slats is a real problem, and it can be serious. 

2015 Journal of Pediatrics article called for the regulation of traditional cot bumpers. The authors stated: "There were 3 times more bumper deaths reported in the last 7 years than the 3 previous time periods. Bumpers caused 48 suffocations, 67% by a bumper alone"

Some states in the USA have banned the sale of crib bumpers due to the safety hazard they pose to sleeping babies.

The former Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Chairman sees “very serious hazards” with padded crib bumpers and has recommended a mesh-like or porous product attribute as part of a revised crib bumper standard.

What do parents say about our Bumper Liners?

"We know that our baby is safe in her cot"

"It gives us peace of mind knowing we've made the right choice with a bumper liner instead of the other kind of bumpers available"

"Bumper Liners are by far the best option for babies!"

"I wish all moms knew about these bumper liners"

"No doubt the best option for any parent, knowing your baby will be sleeping safely"

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