Franchise Opportunities

Would you like to be a part of our growing family?
we have Franchise opportunities across Southern Africa.

Why Choose a Franchise?

You are buying a proven formula

When you buy into a proven franchise concept, you avoid many of the major hurdles new startups face because the franchisor has already worked out the kinks and laid a solid foundation. A good franchisor will have everything systemized and ready for you--a business paint-by-numbers, if you will--from marketing and branding to site selection and approved vendors. Consider what it would take (and how long) to start your own business that earns an immediate income stream.

Name recognition is what consumers look for, especially in a recession

Consumers generally frequent those businesses with which they are most familiar and comfortable.Having instant access to a recognized brand provides a built-in security blanket, and during a recession consumers are more inclined to go with what they know. It's all about name recognition and consistency. Now more than ever consumers want the safety and comfort of a familiar brand.

The chance of success is much higher

A franchise is more likely to succeed than an independent startup, and the security of investing in a proven concept is worth its weight in gold. With a franchise, the chances of success are dramatically increased because you have the support of the system. The franchisor has already taken most of the risk. That's what you're really paying for.


 So if you believe that you would make a suitable Studio Collection Franchisee, we would encourage you to take the next step and contact us to discuss current franchise opportunities available.

Or if you have an existing store and you would like to incorporate a Studio Collection franchise within your existing, please let us know.

You can E-Mail:

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